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The next Meeting of the Parish Council  will be held on  Wednesday 23rd July 2020.  Apologies to anyone who tried to join the meeting on 15th July.  Due to technical difficulties we were unable to hold the meeting and this has now been rescheduled for 23rd July.

Items for the agenda to be received one week prior to this  date by emailing     –

A list of the dates for the parish council meetings in the financial year 2020/21 can be found here Dates-of-meetings-2020

Housing Needs Survey

Daventry District Council is inviting households of the Parish of Brington, past and current, to complete a Housing Needs Survey.

Housing Needs Surveys are completed to help identify current and future housing need. The information that is collected from the survey helps the Council to understand and work towards improving the housing supply to meet to identified need.

Each household in the Parish will be sent a letter that details the way to access this survey, and will be able to complete the survey between Wednesday 15th July and Friday 14th August 2020.

Once the survey has been completed and analysed, a report will be produced and made available on Daventry District Council’s website.

If you are a resident of the Parish, please look out for your letter as this contains a reference number that you will require in order to complete the survey. If you are a past resident, please contact the Local Strategy Team on 01327 871100 for information on how you can complete the survey.

Audit 2019-20

Audit paperwork for financial year 2019/20 has been submitted to the external Auditor.  See attached notice


Councillor Vacancies

Following the resignation of Cllr Karen Bright there are vacancies on the Parish Council.  Please see the attached notices

Casual Vacancy notice K Bright

There are also vacancies the council can fill via Co-option.  If you are interested in joining please contact the clerk.


There are lots of updates on Covid-19.  We suggest that for the most up to date information you go to the government website

For local information and details of people who may be able to help see Northamptonshire County Website

Please be aware of the guidelines and keep your distance when walking around the village.  Government advice is that play parks are closed and as such Brington Parish Council ask that you refrain from using the play equipment in Little Brington or the Gym Equipment in Great Brington.

We want everyone to safe and well.

Appraisal of Gt. Brington Conservation Area

Daventry District Council is in the middle of a two year project to review all of the conservation areas in the district,some of which have not been reviewed since inception.  This is the case for the conservation area in Gt. Brington whose inception date was in 1997.  Prior to the parish council meeting on 19th June, officers from DDC attended to provide councillors and residents with the background to the appraisal.  It was explained that the community will be involved at all stages at the first Open Session with officers Rhian Moran and Richard Bullows, will be held at the Reading Reading room on 2nd July from 3pm until 6pm.  In the meantime enquiries can be made of Rhian Morgan at

Kimbells Field

The new ‘Sunshine Gym’  part funded by Daventry District Council and matched by the Parish Council, is now installed and in use.  The Parish Council wishes to thanks all the residents who have contributed so generously with extra financing, donations of items for the pavilion and the many hours given to refurbish and paint the pavilion. It is also recognised that all residents have a stake in the improvements as half of the costs have come from the precept – so a big thank you to everyone.   It is hoped that  residents will now be encouraged to use the playing field and make use of the facilites which have been provided.

The Parish Council is happy to hire out Kimbells Field for parishioners to use for a variety of events or for extra parking. There are two levels of fee and one or two conditions and all of this can be found in the Hiring Agreement here

Hire Agreement Kimbells Fld 2017

Reporting Highways Problems

Residents have been able to report all sorts of problems with roads and footways on line through Street Doctor, but this week Street Doctor became Fix My Street and the new link for reporting any faults is

Bringtons and Nobottle Village Design Statement

The Bringtons and Nobottle VDS, produced over nearly two years by residents and councillors has been adopted by Daventry District Council.  Background to the development of the VDS and more information about planning is available on the Planning page. Tthe final copy of the VDS is also available here Bringtons&NobottleVDS_Oct18

Daventry District Council Settlements and Countryside Local Plan

The National Planning Framework (NPPF), published by the Department for Communities and Local Government in March 2012, sets out the governments planning policies for England. Paragraphs 76 to 78 introduce a new Local Green Space designation (LGS) to protect local green areas of particular importance to local communities. This will enable communities, in certain circumstances, to identify and protect areas that are of value to them through local and neighbourhood plans.

In October 2017 the PC nominated sites within the Parish for designation as Local Green Space.

 The District Council assessed each of the nominations against the following criteria which are set out in paragraph 77 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF):
a) Where the green space is in reasonably close proximity to the community it serves
b) Where the green area is demonstrably special to a local community and holds particular significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field) tranquility or richness of its wildlife; and
c) Where the green area concerned is local in character and is it and extensive tract of land.
The District Council is proposing the following sites within our Parish (shown on the plan) for designation as Local Green Space in the Proposed Submission Part 2 Local Plan and provides justification for their inclusion against criteria set out in the National Planning Policy Framework
Great Brington
Allotments, Back Lane
Area of land to Rear of Old and New Rectory
Orchard and Pasture,Back Lane
Kimbells Field
Little Brington
Playing Field adjacent to Primary School



Daventry North East Sustainable Urban Development

4,000 new homes along with new schools, are being built within the Daventry North East urban extension – This is likely to have a considerable impact on local infrastructure including  in villages on this side of Daventry.  There is  a  website where the concept plan, leaflet and information about the proposals can be viewed at

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