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Brington Parish Council

 The next meeting of the Parish Council is Wednesday 15th November 2017

Items for the agenda to be received one week prior to this  date by emailing     –

A list of the dates for the parish council meetings in the financial year 2018/19 can be found here Dates of meetings 201819-1

 Consultation     –    Closing Date 8th November

The Parish Council is asking residents to support a proposal to take out small loan to complete the programme of street lights, which is necessary as the lanterns are now obsolete and cannot be maintained or repaired.  It would be necessary to have a small increase in the Parish’s share of the Council Tax to service the loan.  More details can be found here Consulting on Loan-1         

Would you like to hire Kimbells Field , Great Brington?

The Parish Council is happy to hire out Kimbells Field for parishioners to use for a variety of events or for extra parking. There are two levels of fee and one or two conditions and all of this can be found in the Hiring Agreement here

Hire Agreement Kimbells Fld 2017

Removal of Telephone Boxes by BT

Through a scheme operated by BT, Brington Parish Council has been invited to ‘purchase’ for £1,  the traditional red telephone box in Nobottle.  The telephone facility would be decommissioned by BT leaving only the telephone box itself.  All future maintenance and the cost,would then pass to the parish of Brington.  Parish Councillors are currently considering the proposal – do you have a view? If so please contact the clerk and let her have your comments at

IDaventry North East Sustainable Urban Development

4,000 new homes along with new schools, are being built within the Daventry North East urban extension – This is likely to have a considerable impact on local infrastructure including  in villages on this side of Daventry.  There is  a consultation website where the concept plan, leaflet and information about the proposals can be viewed at

Potholes? Branches on the road? Uneven pavements? Did you know that anyone can report problems on the streets or highways through Northamptonshire County Council Street Doctor – see poster for more details

Street Doctor

Parish Council Agendas can be found here

Parish Council Minutes can be found here

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