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Brington Parish Council

 The next meeting of the Parish Council  is Wednesday 21st March 2018

Items for the agenda to be received one week prior to this  date by emailing     –

A list of the dates for the parish council meetings in the financial year 2018/19 can be found here Dates of meetings 201819-1

Parish Litter Pick 

The annual litter pick will now take place on Saturday 21st April from 9.30 – 12 noon,although if you wish and are able to do some picking outside of those times, that might be possible. Contact Karen or Lisa for more details.

Karen Bright <>   Lisa Carter

Nobottle Red Telephone Box

Following the consultation with residents, at its meeting on 21st February, the parish council resolved to adopted the telephone box at Nobottle and hopes that residents who were supportive will be in touch  to assist with future maintenance.

Kimbells Field

Councillors will be discussing Kimbells Field at its next meeting on 21st March and considering whether the costs of leasing the playing field and maintaining it represent good value for the amount it is used by the community.  Residents may make their views known at public speaking time at that meeting, where anyone may speak for three minutes. After that time, residents may listen to the discussions and any decision.

Vacancy on the Parish Council

There are still two vacancies on the parish council and councillors are looking for people who are interested in joining them in their endeavours to represent the overall view of residents and manage the parish, making decisions about issues that affect local people and implementing  improvements where possible.  Anyone who lives in the parish or three miles from it, who is over 18 years of age and without any convictions may apply.  Please contact the clerk for further information at

See the Casual Vacancy notice here Casual Vacancy Oct 17

Consultation on Daventry District Council’s Settlemenets and Countryside Local Plan – Part 2

Details can be found here Parish poster settlements consultation

Would you like to hire Kimbells Field , Great Brington?

The Parish Council is happy to hire out Kimbells Field for parishioners to use for a variety of events or for extra parking. There are two levels of fee and one or two conditions and all of this can be found in the Hiring Agreement here

Hire Agreement Kimbells Fld 2017

The Red Telephone Box in Nobottle – Should it be taken over by the Parish?

Through a scheme operated by BT, Brington Parish Council has been invited to ‘purchase’ for £1,  the traditional red telephone box in Nobottle.  The telephone facility would be decommissioned by BT, leaving only the telephone box itself.  All future maintenance and the cost,would then pass to the parish of Brington.  Parish Councillors are currently considering the proposal – do you have a view? If so please contact the clerk and let her have your comments at

Daventry North East Sustainable Urban Development

4,000 new homes along with new schools, are being built within the Daventry North East urban extension – This is likely to have a considerable impact on local infrastructure including  in villages on this side of Daventry.  There is  a consultation website where the concept plan, leaflet and information about the proposals can be viewed at

Potholes? Branches on the road? Uneven pavements? Did you know that anyone can report problems on the streets or highways through Northamptonshire County Council Street Doctor – see poster for more details

Street Doctor

Parish Council Agendas can be found here

Parish Council Minutes can be found here

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