This page is designed to provide information and assist you to navigate your way to Daventry District Council’s Planning Portal

Once a planning application has been submitted to Daventry District Council, the Parish Council will be asked to comment on the detail of the application. The discussion of new planning applications will be itemised in  the Agenda    of the next PC meeting, which is published 7 days before a meeting and interested parties may attendthe relevant PC meeting and comment on a particular application.

The Bringtons & Nobottle Village Design Statement

The  development of a Village Design Statement was initiated by the Parish Council in 2017 adopted by Daventry District Council in October 2018 and will in future be considered in all planning applications.  People making applications from this date would do well to read the Village Design Statement which can be accessed here  Bringtons&NobottleVDS_Oct18

It is also planned that a hard copy of the document will be available to view in the village shop and Reading Room.

The VDS describes the parish as it is in 2018, and highlights the qualities valued by its residents. The Design Statement aims to make sure that the individual character and features of the villages are taken into consideration when local planning decisions are being made, whether formal planning consent is required or not; it supports the Local Plan as it affects Great Brington, Little Brington and Nobottle and assists the work of the Parish Council and Daventry District Council. It also provides design guidance to help ensure that any new development is in harmony with its surroundings and is in keeping with local character and distinctiveness. Produced by a village volunteer group in consultation with the rest of the parish, this Statement sets out the principles, design features and quality standards that should be considered by those wishing to build, modify or extend property. It draws upon the experience and local knowledge of those who enjoy living in this vibrant community.

 The Parish Council is clear that without the ongoing and dedicated hard work and support of the VDS Working Group, this excellent document would not have been developed and so from Councillors and on behalf on the whole parish, most grateful thanks are extended to :

Karen Bright – Acting Chair,  Ione Francis, Phil Lewis, Phil Richardson, Sarah Sheehan, Richard Wright, Stuart Norey. Melissa Milne, who provided historical background and Andrew Shaw who offered advisory comment.

Photography: Phil Lewis, Phil Richardson, Richard Wright, David Kennedy, Mark Williams

Design and production: Sarah Sheehan

If you would like access to and further information regarding the planning application process and for  plans, proposals and decisions then please follow this link to Daventry District Council’s website.

From here, you can then type in the relevant Reference Number for the application and the person you need to contact whom any comments need to be made to.