Parish Council Finances

Under the new Transparency for Small Councils initiative, we are required to upload financial information about the Council’s finances.  Financial regulations, updated versions of the budget and spend to date will be available throughout the year. Details of spending each month can be found on the agenda and minutes for each meeting.   

The annual accounts for the year 2015/16 have now been audited and will be finalised at the September meeting.  The following spreadsheets depicts the accounts and notes to the accounts as well as the asset register.

The Annual Accounts for the year 2015/16 can be found here 

Conclusion of Audit  The Annual Accounts for the year 2015/16 have now been audited both internally and externally, by BDO.  Both Reports and Certificates issued by the auditors can be viewed here



The Statement of Income and Expenditure for the 1st Quarter of 2016/17 can be found here  Statement 1st qtr 16/17


The parish precept for the year 2017/18 has been set by the parish council and represents an increase of just under 10%.  The figure requested from the District Council is £15,040 to pay for administration costs, street lighting and replacement street lights, mowing, highway improvements which cannot be met from the county council budget and other parish activities.  The total expected spend by the Parish Council is £18,390.  The difference between the income from the precept and the predicted expenditure will be met through fundraising and by drawing on the General Reserve fund.  However, the Council is aware that the traditional General Reserve of approximately £12,000 has fallen significantly in the year 2016/17 and have resolved to ensure that this figure falls no lower than £7,000.  There will also be very careful oversight of spending and the cutting of costs where possible.

  The Final Budget for 2017/18  can be seen hereFinal Budget 201718

  The Annual Accounts for 2016/17

  2017 Annual Return

  Inspection of Accounts BDO App 5

  The internal auditor’s report  Brington Internal Audit       Report_31MAR17_v1

  The external auditor’s report


  Asset Register 2017 Asset Register October 2017



  The 2017/18 Half year Financial Statement can be seen here

Budget 201819

The Budget for 2018/19 can be seen here

Budget 201819