Parish Council Finances

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Under the new Transparency for Small Councils initiative, we are required to upload financial information about the Council’s finances.  The Financial regulations, updated versions of the budget and spend to date will be available points throughout the year. Details of spending each month can be found on the agenda and minutes for each meeting.

Financial Regulations May 20

budget 21-22

Brington Parish Council has set the precept for the year 21/22 at £21,680.

Audit 2021-22

Making provision for the exercise of public rights

Exemption certificate

The statement of accounts will not be audited on account of Brington Parish Council’s self-certified status as exempt, unless either a request for an opportunity to question the auditor about the authority’s accounting records under section 26(2) or an objection under section 27(1) of the Act, results in the involvement of the local auditor

Section 1 Governance Statement

Section 2 Financial Statement

Internal Audit Report

Audit 2020-21


Audit Documents

External Auditor report

Audit 2019-20

The audit of 2019-20 has been concluded.  Attached is the notice of this conclusion along with the reports

Conclusion of Audit

Audit Documents

Budget 201819

Internal Auditor’s Terms of Reference Approved May 2019BPC Internal Audit Terms of Reference 2019

Internal Auditor’s Report  Brington Internal Audit Report_31MAR19_v1

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (Exempt Authority) AGAR 2018-19 return

AGAR 2018-19 Exemption Cert

The Statement of Accounts, Notes to the Accounts and Bank Reconciliation 2019Statement of Accounts2019     Variances explained     2019 EoY Bank Rec

The Notice of Public Rights and Publication of of Annual Governance & Accountability Return (Exempt Authority) provision for public rights completed AG

PC Cash book 2018/19 Cash book 1819

2017/18 Accounts Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR), Statement of Accounts, Asset Register &  Explanatory Notes

AGAR Part 2 ,        2018 Statement of Accounts Final       Register of Assets      Notes to the Accounts

The Internal Auditors Report to the Council

Bringtons Internal Audit Report_31MAR18_v1The Budget for 2017/18  can be seen hereFinal Budget 201718

The Cash Book showing all income and expenditure can be found here

BPC Cash Book 2017 18      

The Council’s budget for the year 2017/18 can be seen here

Final Budget 201718   

The precept for Brington for the coming year has been set at £18,800. This represents a 25% increase on the previous year and has been required to meet the payments required on the low interest loan negotiated to pay for the completion of the replacement street light programme, escalating costs and to deal with the extra expenditure anticipated by the huge reductions in County Council expenditure and services.The BPC Budget for 2018/19 agreed by the Council in November 2018, can be found here

 Financial Year 2016/17

  The Annual Accounts for 2016/17 Accounting Statements 2017

   The internal auditor’s report  Brington Internal Audit       Report_31MAR17_v1

  The external auditor’s report