Annual Village Meetings

Annual Village Meeting 16th May 2018

The Notes of the Annual Village Meeting and the reports from those organisations who have submitted them, can be found below along with a presentation which formed the basis of the input from Costain, Galliford, Try on the upgrade of Junction 13/16 of the M1 Motorway to a SMART motorway.

       Brington AVM – May 2018 Agenda

Notes of AVM 2018-1

       APM Report.2018     B&N Gardening Club    B&N News Report May 18          Brington & Nobottle PreSchool      

        Brington Neighbourhood Watch Report.docx         Evergreens Report       Mums & Tots Report 18   

        Project Overview T3 M1 (PARISH COUNCILS)


04 Jun 2018

The Annual Village Meeting 24th May 2017

The notes of the Annual Village Meeting can be found here

Notes of AVM 2017

Reports presented to the AVM can be read here

Brington & Nobottle Gardening Club

APM Report.2017

Brington & Whilton Pre-School 2017

Mums and Tots

Althorp report 2017

Neighbourhood Watch Report 17-1

12 May 2017

Annual Village Meeting 25th May 2016

The Notes of the 2016 Annual Village Meeting can be found here  Notes-of-the-AVM-2016

The Reports from the Annual Village Meeting can be found here

Brington & Nobottle NewsVN-PCReport2016

Footpath Warden’s Report  APM Report.2016 Footpaths

Gardners Club Report   Gdners Report for AVM.May2016

Neighbourhood Watch Report N’hood Watch Report

Pre-School Report Pre-School Report May 2016


19 Jun 2016