Agenda for Meeting 23rd July 2020

Apologies for anyone who tried to join the meeting on 15th July. Due to some technical difficulties we were unable to carry out this meeting and it was cancelled. The planned meeting will now take place on 23rd July. See the agenda for joining details.

17 Jul 2020

Agenda for parish council meeting 15th July 2020

09 Jul 2020

Agenda of Meeting 17th June 2020

This meeting is via Zoom Videoconference.

Go to and click on “Join Meeting”. Here enter meeting ID 873 3121 6837, when prompted enter password 859200. You will then need to wait for the clerk to let you into the meeting.

11 Jun 2020

Agenda of Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 20th May 2020

14 May 2020

Agenda of Meeting 15th April 2020

08 Apr 2020

Agenda of Meeting 18th March 2020

Agenda 10 (18th March)


12 Mar 2020

Agenda for Meeting 19th February 2020

Agenda 9 (19th Feb)

13 Feb 2020

Parish Council Meeting 15th January 2020

Agenda 8 (15 Jan)

09 Jan 2020

Extraordinary Meeting 9th December 2019

Agenda 7a (9th Dec)

11 Dec 2019

Parish Council Meeting 20th November 2019

Agenda 7 (20 Nov) amd

14 Nov 2019