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Parish Council Meeting 15th March 2017

Minute 10 (15 Mar)

20 Apr 2017

Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council at 7.15 on Wednesday 19th April

Agenda 1a (19th April)

Because of the Easter holidays, the agenda for the Ordinary Meeting of the Parsh Council was required to be published earlier than usual this month and unfortunately a planning application arrived just after publication.  Therefore, to meet the demands of Daventry District Council’s planning timetable, an extraordinary meeting of the Council has been arranged immediately prior to the Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 19th April, purely to discuss the planning application.

12 Apr 2017

Parish Council Meeting 19th April 2017

Agenda 1 (19 Apr)

11 Apr 2017

Notice of Elections Brington Parish, Ravensthorpe Ward and Police & Crime Commissioner

Notice Of Election – Brington Parish

Notice Of Election – Ravensthorpe

Notice Of Election PCC – LRO Copy


07 Apr 2017