Monthly Archives: June 2016

Parish Council Meeting 18th May 2016

Mins 2 (18 May)

19 Jun 2016

Annual Village Meeting 25th May 2016

The Notes of the 2016 Annual Village Meeting can be found here  Notes-of-the-AVM-2016

The Reports from the Annual Village Meeting can be found here

Brington & Nobottle NewsVN-PCReport2016

Footpath Warden’s Report  APM Report.2016 Footpaths

Gardners Club Report   Gdners Report for AVM.May2016

Neighbourhood Watch Report N’hood Watch Report

Pre-School Report Pre-School Report May 2016


19 Jun 2016

Parish Council Meeting 15th June 2016 Agenda

Agenda 3(15th June)

10 Jun 2016